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Rosie was a super down to Earth Girl


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Posted Apr 02, 2016

We adopted Rosie from the animal shelter here in town when she was just a kitten. They told us at the animal shelter that she was about 6 to 8 weeks old. Once we had adopted her and taken her to a vet the vet confirmed that she was more likely closer to four weeks old! Which meant that she was entirely too young to be away from her mother. She may have very well missed out on some vital nutrients and vitamins. It did not matter to us one bit because we knew from the beginning that we were going to treat her like one of the family.

She was so tiny when we first saw her. My son wanted a pet and we decided to go to the animal shelter to find an animal that truly needed a home rather than deal with the breeder. While we were walking through the cages at the shelter Rosie actually put her paw out and grabbed my sons shirt. Catching his attention immediately he turned around and he fell in love. I remember being immediately concerned with how tiny she was. But the shelter kept insisting that she was old enough to be on her own and old enough to be adopted. In one sense I felt like I had to adopt her to get her out of there and get her to a vet and in another sense I felt like I had to get her out of there because I was afraid she was not in fact getting the treatment that she needed there. Either way we knew that she was coming home with us.

Surprisingly she litter trained very quickly. Even with being so small. She was put on some supplemental vitamins in the beginning to help boost her immune system and put some weight on her. We did not put her on kitten milk because there was no absolute confirmation on how old she was. But we did do soft food for her until she was able to gain a little bit more strength and put some weight on. It actually did not take long for her to do that. She was able to be moved to semi soft food pretty soon after coming home.

Once she got settled in the house and use to everyone she fell right into her routine. She would sleep snuggled up in the covers either on my sons better my bed. She would always sleep with one of us. She did not like to sleep alone. She was very down-to-earth. She was not a high strong cat. She was not a finicky cat either. I remember she was always open to meeting new people and letting them pet her no matter if they were new to the house are not.

Over the few years that we did have her she grew into a big cat. She was actually one of the biggest cats that I have seen. At the last vet visit that she went to I remember her weighing 16 pounds! However one day were don't know why still; she went out the back door for some reason and we never saw her again. She had never went out the door when we opened it in fact she didn't even like the outside very much she was always an indoor cat. But for some reason this particular day she went out the door and she was never seen or heard from again.

I put signs up in the neighborhood, posted it online, even alerted the shelters. Nothing ever came back on the microchip that we had on her and we never received any calls. Even years later I just hope that some little girl saw Rosie on her doorstep and took her inside. I just really hope that she's been nice and warm laying in the bed cozied up every night since then. Can't bring myself to think anything else.

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