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Tammy and her Kittens


United States

Posted Mar 28, 2016

My parents had a cat named Tammy. She was a orange tabby cat. They acquired a stray male tabby cat whom I named Punky because he was the color of a pumpkin. My mother thought it would be great fun to have kittens. So, she let nature take its course and soon enough Tammy gave us six kittens. Sixteen years later, I repeated the same action with my own cat at the time. So, I have the perspective of being both a child and an adult with kittens.

Having kittens in the house is wonderful if you are a child. There is always one needing to be held or played with. As baby animals go, kittens need very little care because the mother cat does so much of it. Some introduction to drinking out of a water dish and eating solid food along with some basic litter training - and you're good to go.

As an adult, things were a bit different. When my own cat had kittens, I was awed to be able to watch the kittens be born. My cat allowed me to sit right by her and in fact meowed if I left her side. She had five kittens and it was still a lot of fun to watch them grow. The issues started when they became mobile. Soon, in the middle of the night, my husband and I had five baby kittens crawling all over the house and meowing incessantly. We were expecting our first child at the time, so we considered this "practice." However, there were many nights when I had to get up to deal with the kittens and get them back with their mama.

The biggest trouble with kittens is finding homes for them. We were lucky both times because we had friends who had friends who were looking for good kittens raised in a good home. Nevertheless, it took time.

If you're thinking of raising a litter of kittens, please only do so if you have home already lined up for them or are willing to keep one or two yourself. If that is the case, then choosing to have kittens can be a very rewarding experience for you and your family.

By the way, Tammy lived with us for the next 11 years until she died. She was a great mother cat and a great pet. She followed my mother around like a dog and was very affectionate. She lived to welcome a whole host of pets into our house and was never really bothered by any of them.

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