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Wimpy - the sweet, ladylike American shorthair


United States

Posted Mar 23, 2016

Even though I have an iffy experience with my male American shorthair, my female shorthair was an angel.

We found Wimpy under a shed in the backyard at only a day or so old. Her mother and some of her family we believe were eaten by the neighborhood fox.

She and her brother Popeye were reluctantly adopted by me - even though I am allergic to cats. I couldn't turn away their desperate cries for love. They would have died if I didn't help - especially since shelters were all full.

Wimpy was the star of the two from the start. She had a feminine face and a delicate demeanor. She was careful with bathroom trips, loved hugs and cuddling, and was a sweet-faced quiet girl.

I've heard people say that male cats are friendlier, but in my house, it couldn't have been more the opposite. She was a tad more high-maintenance because she was full of life, wanting to play all of the time.

She loved hunting and would bring us "presents" daily. She even caught a few cardinals and bluebirds - much to our dismay. We had a squirrel problem in our attic, but we put a ladder under the hole into the attic, and up she climbed. She wanted to stay up there forever, exploring and hunting. She must have scared it away, Yay!

Unfortunately, her enthusiasm and love of the hunt led her to being an outdoor cat, and one day, we couldn't find her anywhere. We ended up finding her on the side of the road dead. It looked like a car must have hit her.

We were devastated. I cried and cried. We still had our dog and other cat, Popeye, but Wimpy was a delight. Not aloof like he was. She was just happy as she could be.

If you're thinking of getting an American shorthair, I recommend a female. Hopefully you will get one as sweet of an angel as she was.

Also, weirdly enough, I and other members of my family who are allergic to cats, were not allergic to her. Her brother, yes. Odd. I developed an immunity to her brother after a while, but I never had to worry when I pet her.

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