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My Beloved Bunny


United States

Posted Mar 22, 2016

When I was a child, our next door neighbor had a wild, outdoor cat that had kittens at least once a year. We tried and tried to get them to spay the cat, but they would not. When I was 10, I noticed a somewhat curious dark haired kitten hanging around our front stoop. It would let me get close enough to smell my fingers, but would not let me pick it up. I asked my parents permission to entice the kitten into the house with a hot dog and succeeded in doing so.

The kitten ate the hot dog and then promptly ran under the hutch where it stayed for the next six hours. I patiently sat there as well calling out quiet assurances and holding another hot dog in my hands. I put a small dish of water under the hutch and then gradually moved it closer towards the edge. By the end of the six hours, the kitten was willing to creep to the edge and eat some hot dog and drink some water. It took another hour or so before I was able to actually grab the kitten and hold it. It sat quietly in my hands, but the moment I let go, it took off like a bunny rabbit - and thus its name.

Bunny was soon tamed and became my faithful companion throughout childhood and teenage years. She slept on my bed every night, traipsed through the woods behind my house with me, brought me presents of dead mice, and happily slept in my lap. She was the best cat I have ever had and showed me just how friendly a cat could be.

She lived a long and healthy life until her last year when she became too ill to eat. I knew it was time to put her to sleep as I had been raised in a home where we cared for pets responsibly. I was dating my future husband at that time and he went with me to the vets and then came home and helped me bury Bunny between the two tall pine trees in my parents' large backyard.

My experience was so good that I asked my future husband to get another cat so that we could begin married life with a cat. I continued to own cats for another 31 years.

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