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Posted Mar 19, 2016

I have been allergic to cats since I entered adulthood. Something about my personal chemistry changed when I went away to college - and I came home allergic, which is fine because we didn't own cats. However, I did have plenty of friends with cats.

I never thought it would be a problem though because I never planned to own a cat. I had a dog growing up, and even though cats are cute and funny (memes!), I never considered myself a cat person. Cats seemed cold and distant and they always shoved their butts in your face.

So, one day, while I was out in the yard with our dog, I heard a mewing near a shed. What did I find? Two just-born (I think!) kittens who were hiding out under the shed flooring. I think their mom and maybe siblings might have been eaten by the neighborhood fox. I grabbed them (it was chilly) and brought them quickly inside with blankets and a heating blanket placed in a plastic tub. Their eyes weren't even open yet.

I called every shelter and asked around but no one could take them. My husband was out of town at the time, so I was in a conundrum. I didn't want them to be killed at a shelter that was too full, so I got replacement milk at Walmart and did what I could. I thought for sure they would die because they were so small - smaller than my hand. But they nursed and got cleaned up after some warm baths. I even had to help them relieve themselves by massaging their genitals - I had to Google that!

They grew and I grew very quickly to love them. I'm going to focus on Popeye for this review - the bigger male - rather than Wimpy the smaller female. Wimpy was hit by a car so Popeye is who we have left.

Let's see - Popeye is unique. He's very vocal. Very messy. Very distant. Yet he is incredibly close with the dog and great with the baby.

He doesn't like to cuddle, but he wants to be near you. He's a stoic really. :)

When he was using the litter box, he was always shoving litter everywhere - you could hear him flicking it out of the box. Drove me nuts! But, after he was fixed, we let him be an outdoor cat and he doesn't use the litterbox at all now - except when we had a week straight of really cold temperatures and didn't want to be outside much.

He is very demanding. Always wanting to come inside, but then back outside. He even knows to meow outside the baby's room while he's sleeping to get our attention the fastest. He also seems to have a cat eating disorder. He eats so fast and so much that he pukes sometimes. It's humorous but apparently normal.

He's not that good of a cat, but we love him. He provides entertainment and companionship for our dog - they adore each other and cuddle and play outside.

He's easy to groom - none needed! He sleeps a lot and requires virtually no playtime from us.

Overall, he's a solid cat. Aloof yet needy. I think he's the most handsome cat I have ever seen and couldn't imagine our lives without him. But, am I a cat person? No. Still not.

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