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Domestic Shorthair Calico Amarynth


Starkville, Mississippi, United States

Posted Mar 17, 2016

One of my current cat's named Amarynth (Rinny for short) who is an American (also known as a Domestic Shorthair) Shorthair cat was found at the Oktibbeha County Humane Society in Starkville Mississippi in October of 2014. Amarynth is a typical domestic shorthair calico who is mostly white with patches of orange and black but oddly has an extremely soft double coat that sheds like you wouldn't believe which to me is her only downside because petting causes you to be completely covered in white fur in a matter of minutes and heaven forbid you touch your face because you will be pulling fur off your face for hours. Rinny like many DSH is very friendly and definitely a lap cat. Extremely playful but due to her shelter life takes a while to warm up to other cats but soon becomes great friends. Unless introduced to dogs at a young age which she wasn't she is extremely weary of dogs and will growl and attack if one gets too close for comfort. Domestic shorthairs are an extremely common breed and are your typically most seen cat as they come in a variety of coat colors and temperaments (which is great because there is pretty much a shorthair for everyone!) which can range from very playful and easily excitable running around the house at all hours to being quiet and reserved showing their playful side very rarely. They are overall very happy and hardy although can be susceptible to the calicivirus (which Rinny has had several times) and can gain weight very easily if not feed on a proper schedule and are allowed to free feed (while staying at a friend's house for 2 months who free fed their cats Rinny jumped from a tiny 5 pounds to over 9 and a half). Overall the domestic shorthair with it's wide range of temperaments and coat colors it is almost impossible to not find the perfect match for you

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