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My Calico American Shorthair is adorable, but not super friendly to cats!


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Posted Nov 15, 2015

We got our Calico American Shorthair cat named Jenny in December of 2005.

When we first got her, she hid under my parents' bed for most of the day. Sometimes, she would come out at night and sleep on the foot of their bed, but for the most part, she hid for the first year or so.

At first she was very timid. She hated being picked up. She would bite and scratch. But after a few years, we moved. She stopped being so mean after some time, but it took her a long time to adjust to our family. We think some of the shyness may have to do with being declawed in the past. We didn't do the declawing, but the vet we took her to said that when we had gotten her, she had only been declawed a few months prior. Personally, I don't think I'd ever willingly declaw a cat. It was sad to think about what she went through.

She became truly friendly and attention-seeking after about our 5th year of having her. She started jumping up on our laps and purring up a storm. She was as vocal as can be. Like all of our cats, she would go outside sometimes. She often would catch birds, frogs, or mice and bring them to the back door of the house (yuck!). But she seemed extremely proud.

We soon got a second cat, a Maine Coon named Zack. She absolutely hated him, even though he was just a kitten. She would hiss at him and bat at him. We have a third cat now--a tabby--and she doesn't like this cat either (luckily, the two like one another).

She's still rather nice, but if the other cats encounter her, she will hiss or fight them. No permanent injuries luckily.

She is surprisingly good with dogs, though. She has no fear of them, and she'll even sit near them or right next to them!

One thing to mention is that my cat Jenny has a thyroid condition. For years, she would throw up all of her food. She is very, very skinny. She would also pee on the floor, and the vet told us that she was peeing on the floor to tell us that something was wrong.

After lots of vet visits, and some weight gained, Jenny is a very cute cat these days. I do not regret adopting Jenny. She is precious and adorable. Every cat comes with a few flaws!

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