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This Common Cat is Anything but Ordinary!


United States

Posted Oct 27, 2015

Over my lifetime, I have had multiple American Shorthairs. They are certainly the most common breed here to the point that I have often heard them referred to as "regular cats". This is good because those who wish to adopt will have plenty of options as they can be found across rescue groups and shelters. The cats are also incredibly hardy, easy to groom, and intelligent. I highly recommend this breed.

However, the blending that takes place in this particular breed may temperament somewhat hard to nail down. You may not know that the cuddly kitten you bring home will continue to be cuddly for the rest of his life.

I think that comes down to two options both of which I can explain...
1. You can adopt an older cat. Older cats are already set in their personality and you can know what you're getting into. Just like people, cats have a wide range of personalities that suit a variety of needs. My boyfriend and I have three cats together currently. Frederick, the one used as the basis for this review, was adopted at a year old from a rescue. At the time, I was very desperate for a companion pet after leaving home for college. I wanted a cat that I could count on to be very loving and give me the attention I needed at the time! He provided exactly that. For an example of varying needs, my boyfriend's cat that he adopted as a kitten grew to be exactly the cat he needed. He's a busy guy and often he can't really be bothered to provide Audrey tons of attention. She's a cat that doesn't really care. She's very independent and she only comes to hang out with him when he's not busy.
2. Your other option is to adopt as a kitten and mold the kitten's personality to your needs. This was the case with our third cat. We were blessed with him after some friends found his litter near a trash dump. From the beginning of his time with us, we were always holding him and cuddling him. He's six months old now and sleeping on my legs as I type this!

I have attached pictures of all three of our babies in a little collage!

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