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Posted Oct 22, 2015

Harley, was my first American shorthair cat. I have owned cats before in the past, when I was much younger but Harley is a memory I will not forget. These cats can be very very affectionate. I remember everytime I would come home, he knew! He was always by the door and when I would walk in, he would go straight for my legs lol. One thing he used to not like was having under his neck rubbed, but after 2-3 years and not seeing him for a while due to a divorce and she kept him, he ended up missing me and remembering me and then became very comfortable with me petting him anywhere. The only downfalls about him was shedding like crazy and he liked to try to wonder outside a lot (he considered himself a hunter :P - and very likely was good at it too!). He used to catch mice around the place when I had my woodshop and I was proud of him for being so well to me. He used to sleep at the end of my bed every single night. He was not very playful, but was active if that makes sense. So, in other words our other cats he was more active around, but hey knew he dominate the house too lol. He was our Alpha. He did not like dogs though. We couldn't have a dog at the same time. He is VERY intelligent (I say is, because I do still see him now and then due to him living with my exwife). I miss him a lot. He was very healthy and did not require special food or anything. Very simple, very chill and the kind of cats are PURRRFECT for families. LOVES kids! In fact, I believe the more you are down to their level, the more comfortable they feel because he seemed to not like to be picked up lol. I hope this helps anyone looking for a great family cat and if you have never owned one before, don't go all out with something too fancy, the American Shorthair will not just like your family, they will be a part of it.

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