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My extremely stubborn but sweet calico


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Posted Sep 28, 2015

One night while trick or treating a little kitten started following me around. The next day I ended up with a cat, and she's been with me ever since. As the years pass I fall more and more in love with her. Mind you, she is a handful, so if you are wanting an animal that you don't need to give attention to, don't get an American Shorthair.

Cali is a playful cat who loves toys, climbing around, attention, and most importantly scratching things. She does very well if she has a scratching post and doesn't destroy my furniture or possessions, but whenever she doesn't have one she tears things to pieces. If you get this breed of cat make sure they have at least one scratching post. She also loves to play. If she doesn't get to play she starts running figure eights around the apartment. But a quick 10-15 minute play session with her little bouncy mouse toy wears her out enough for it to not be an issue.

She loves to pay and she loves to scratch, but she in the end just wants to be loved. She's one of the few cats I've ever encountered that won't lash out at you if you pet her for too long. She loves to sit in your lap and let you pet her and would let that go on for hour and hours. Even if you're not petting her she likes to be near you, on your lap, at your feet, on the edge of the bed when you sleep, etc. She's not cuddly and doesn't like being held, but she enjoys petting and rubbing her face all over you.

My cat might seem like a nuisance and a handful, but if you give her the small things she requires she's such a sweet cat and so good with people and strangers. She's playful and loving, and just wants an owner that will give her as much attention as possible.

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