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A Naughty Cat's Tale


United States

Posted Sep 25, 2015

Sylvester was a “pooty tat” in more than just name. The black and white cat was of a typical domestic breed with green eyes, and a slapstick spirit. I most remember how he made me laugh. Like the cartoon cat which was his namesake, Sylvester would raid the trash cans at night, or jump into baskets of fresh laundry, crawl into spaces and get stuck, and chase mice or anything else that pass through his turf.
He loved affection. That was wonderful, except when he would rub against my ankles as I tried to walk. I tripped and fell several times because of him. Sly would only run into the other room. His favorite pastime was to jump from heights. Sly would perch on the top of seven-foot bookcases and wait for visitors to walk by, then he would jump in front of them and run into another room. He loved to jump onto the 50-gallon aquarium. He was so frustrated, because he could not figure out how I sealed the lid. Whenever I was out, Sly would hang jump on top then hang onto the glass trying to catch the fish.The minute the front door opened, even a crack, I could hear him jump down. He would run into another room.
I punished him in the beginning. Sly was incorrigible. After awhile, I figured, let him play. Games filled out his day.
My favorite game with him was “butterfly.” I would bow tie some a strip from a one-by-four-inch strip from a brown paper bag on the end of a thin wire. He chased the thing for hours. Every now and then I let him catch it.
His favorite game with me was “land shark.” Sly would crawl under an area rug, or even the bed covers then nip at my toes. That only lasted a few minutes.
I would like to talk about the end of Sylvester, but I can’t. I needed to move across the country. He could not come, so a friend arranged a placement with a family that had kids. They got a really good (naughty) cat.

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