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Posted Sep 19, 2015

This little lady is so funny and...catlike.
I took her in my Junior year of college, sort of by chance. A classmate had rescued her off the streets and taken her to the vet. He got her initial shots and found that she had a respiratory infection, so they got her medicine for that but couldn't keep her. They estimated her to be about one year old.
She immediately became a fantastic pal. I had her about a week before I decided to name her Turnip, after the cat from the animated movie "The Princess and the Goblin." She was kind of a handful from the start, with wanting to open every door in the house and learning how to do so. Otherwise, she was clearly very sweet but definitely had attitude!
My favorite thing she did was when I got home from class, she would wait on the couch for me to let her get on my backpack and carry her up the stairs.
Eventually, my roommate's allergies just got too bad for Turnip to live in our apartment, so she went to stay at my parent's house in the country. (It must be noted that Turnip seems to have a much higher dander than my other cat. She has shorter, coarser hair than he does).
Turnip was slated to be spayed, but, being the little escape artist she is, busted out a window and got pregnant with her first litter of kittens. They were absolutely adorable, and given to good homes.
The next summer, my senior year, she ended up giving birth AGAIN to a litter of kittens that included my precious companion, Fred.
And the next summer she got away with it again.
At this point, we said "no more" and got her spayed ASAP, before she had the opportunity again.
Otherwise, she has been happily living at my parent's house, where I am also staying currently. She is affectionate, but also makes you work for her affection. She loves to kneed, especially on blankets, but you have to have multiple layers because she has sharp claws. She really dislikes dogs and will attack them.
Her hair mostly maintains itself, though she will occasionally get a mat that we have to sneak attack off of her.

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