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Posted Sep 17, 2015

This cat is so ridiculous. I can't even express how much I love him, it's a little silly. He has been with me since I graduated college. My other cat is his mother, so he has known my voice since he was in the womb which may explain why he is a bit...clingy.

So, he came into my life at a life changing time, when I needed to make some decisions. He accompanied me on a move to NYC and back, then to Chicago, then back to Ohio (we'll probably move back to NYC pretty soon...). He has been an absolute treasure and helped me through some rough spots. That being said, he has adapted almost my exact personality, the good and the bad.

He is very talkative! This, I assume, is from me constantly talking to him. I've had complaints from family about how much he yells when I leave the house..but he calms down eventually. He is a bit needy. But he is sweet and loving, when you let him be. He takes a moment to warm up to, but once you're in, you're in and you'll love him.

I am having a little trouble keeping weight on him, despite adding wet food and treats to his diet. I suspect he is just a small cat, as both of his parents were tiny cats, but it still is a bit worrisome. His fur does tend to get tangled, mostly on back legs (exactly where he doesn't want me to groom!)

He is super intelligent. He listens and usually does the right thing, but of course, he's a cat, so he defies me at times. He is great to play with. He is very good at walking on a leash, though he cannot be left unattended or he WILL wriggle out of his harness. He is great in the car. Moving, we've been on some 10 hour drives, and he just calmly sleeps and cuddles on me or in his carrier. Around the 9 hour mark he tends to get a little fussy, but nothing unmanageable. The only times I have had issues with him being aggressive is before he was neutered with another neighborhood tomcat (still no spraying though, thank goodness!) and when I was holding another cat once he got very very jealous. However, he tends to like mild mannered dogs and enjoys being around them. He does NOT like smaller dogs that lunge at him.

Overall, it seems that his disposition is entirely determined by how he has been raised. He was raised to be a big snuggly wimpy baby, so he is. We have so much fun together; he is my tiny shadow!

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