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Mikey, yes she's a girl.


United States

Posted Sep 08, 2015

I adopted Mikey from the shelter when I moved out of my parents house and into my first apartment. My parents wouldn't let me take my other American Shorthair with me, so I ended up adopting a cat that looked almost exactly like her (although not on purpose). When I first decided that she was the one for me her name was Dora and the shelter staff thought she was a male cat because she was so big. She adapted very quickly to her new surroundings.

She has been put into many different situations. I have moved in and out of my parents house where she lived with two dogs and two other cats. She was an outdoor cat because my parents lived in the country, but she spent most of her time in the house. She's very easy to move as I have moved several times with her and each time she is fine and adjusts very quickly. We adopted a dog and even though he constantly wants to play with her she sort of puts him in his place and just puts up with the fact that he is now part of the family.

The only annoying thing is she can be vocal at the worst times. She's like a little alarm clock which is great when I actually need to be up for work, but on the weekend I wish she would understand I didn't need to be up at like 6 or 7 in the morning. She also likes to meow and scratch at our dressers for some reason so we have to keep them covered with a comforter at night to deter her. She also likes scratching at the carpeting but won't use a scratching post - go figure.

When all is said and done though she's a super caring cat and is always there when you're upset or crying. I would be totally lost without her and find it hard to believe that I have had her for so long already because it seems like I just got her yesterday. She is an amazing cat and I definitely lucked out.

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