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United States

Posted Sep 08, 2015

This is a review of my experiences with my cat Fred (originally named Milo) during high school up until now. Living with a cat you have to understand it requires a constant need for attention, more or less, especially when you live in a house with a dog and a ferret. To Fred, the ferret; named Spike, was a little like his best friend. When Spike passed away, Fred felt it too. We all felt sad when Spike passed. Some people say that cat's don't have emotions, but they do. When I first got Fred I would be sitting down reading a book or watching T.V. and he would walk up to me and bite or scratch me. Sure, he was probably just going through his terrible twos. If you think about it, this was his way of showing affection, asking me to feed him, or pay attention to him. If you ever decide to buy a cat make sure you buy a litter box because your cat will end up peeing on your carpet. For cat litter, I use silica gel cat litter, its small, easy to clean up, affordable and you can find it at Wal-Mart for $5. When you own a cat, don't even think about buying leather furniture. Its just going to get scratched up and clawed by your cat. You can always buy some scratch-off to make it so your cat doesn't scratch, but you have to spray it every day. On the off chance that you get a cat who doesn't scratch up all of your furniture, also consider buying a laser pointer. Cats don't know what that little dot is, but all they is that they want to go chase after it. Don't do it for too long though so your cat has a chance to rest from all of the exercise. You can also give him some little cat treats for when he or she has been good for the day. Catnip is also something that cats love. It helps to calm them down and you'll see them rubbing the side of their head where you applied it. Some cats like dry food and wet food, others like only dry, while others like only wet. My cat is one who strictly likes only wet food. Every now and then I'll buy a can and he won't even nibble on it. this is probably the only cat that I've owned who won't even touch the stuff. All of my other cats absolutely loved the stuff. This is what I have to say about owning a cat. Its like having a best friend who sheds like crazy and eats cat food.

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