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My Little American Shorthair Nightmare


United States

Posted Sep 04, 2015

A friend of mine that owns seven cats (going up to nine at this rate) which all but one are sterilized (the one that remains untouched is a female lol), had kittens last year and decided to give them away to anyone willing to take care of them. The deal was for the new owners to maintain active contact with her so that she could rest assured knowing things were well.

I decided I could take care of one of them and bring it home, since afterall, it's only my dog and I taking care of the house. He was adorable... And tiny. With only two or three months of age (I'm having trouble remembering his exact age when I got him) I literally had to cover him up in soft baby blankets and stash him inside a box pretty much all day long.

He slept at all times and whenever he woke up it was either to eat, drink his milk or scratch the box. The box was made up of clear plastic, so he could observe us from a safe distance and at the same time be out of my dog's reach. I still didn't trust my dog with the cat at this point.

Time passed and he grew quickly, pretty soon he was leaping from one height to the other. At any rate "hunting things" was what he was doing... Or at least that's what it looked like. He became a true daredevil. So much that he would annoy my pitbull dog to the death; Grapples, headlocks, jumping from behind, his tiny jaw trying to eat my dog's face and infinite scratching.

My dog and I grew fond of the little demon child, somehow we quickly learned that simply ignoring him would eventually tire him, wearing him out and sooner rather than later, drop dead asleep for the better.

If I were to recall some positive things about him is that for one he never needed training of any kind when it came to teaching him where to litter. I literally would just place his litter box in his favorite corner (it would change from time to time since it has something to do with the areas they feel most comfortable in, I think) (this might be a particular trait with the American Shorthair) and he would seek it. It's as if they have that mentality coded into their DNA over the ages.

I might not be much of a cat person since I can't recall much more positive things about him rather than the cat knowing how to flush the toilet properly, but I do remember I enjoyed the fact that he was quick to get along with my dog (which to him was several sizes larger than him lol) and that we would wake up in the mornings and find him squashed underneath my dog and I, in a state of eternal slumber.

He was just such a slithery little guy and I think that's how he managed to earn a place with us. He knew how to cuddle his way into our hearts so to speak. Sadly, I had to give him away for adoption since my recent girlfriend turned out to be allergic to cats.

If you're thinking about getting one then do so. I would recommend that you always make sure to leave food for him in places he'll have trouble figuring out how to reach. They love that.

I don't have a picture of Nano but I'll use one that comes as close to what he looked like as possible!

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