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I Wasn't A Cat Person When We First Got Him. I am Now!


United States

Posted Sep 04, 2015

I am a dog person, but I have to admit when we got our first cat I ended up liking it. I mean, cats have a completely different temperament to dogs, and this was the first time I had ever owned one so it took a while to get used to. First of all ours was pretty independent. Ours loved to play and pounce on things, but when it got bored it pretty much just stopped and left. Ours loved to go rambling outside around the neighborhood, and was pretty good at taking care of himself so you really didn’t have to worry. The only problem ours was that he did not get along with other cats (ours was form the shelter and I don’t think he was socialized properly).

Surprisingly our cat was even trainable. We trained him to stay off the counters, to come when he was called, to 'get down', 'no', appropriate places to scratch, etc. I even taught him how to play fetch which he enjoyed for a bit, but then would get bored and walk away.

If you’ve ever owned a cat you know that the cat doesn’t live with you, the cat ALLOWS you to reside with them. It’s because of that independent nature of theirs that I wouldn’t recommend these cats for households with small children. They can be very affectionate, and love attention when they want it. The problem with children is that they might not be able to discern when a cat is starting to get annoyed, and they can ‘hiss’ or swipe at them. Not something a parent generally likes to happen.

I liked my American Shorthair, and would get another. He was a lot of fun, fairly independent, very affectionate when he wanted to be, pretty calm temperament, and surprisingly smart. They do make good family pets, but I personally don’t think they should be around small children. It’s not that cats are hostile towards children, but if a toddler grabs onto the kitty’s tail he might end up getting scratched and nobody wants that.

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