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Posted Sep 03, 2015

It started as a birthday idea for my mother - we would adopt a new cat from the local shelter. I have always had an affinity for Orange American Shorthair female felines. Luckily, I spotted one in the top cage of the first shelter we visited. I reached my hand up and she started licking me through the metal bars. The attendant asked if I would like to hold her and I quickly agreed. The small cat was light in my arms. She looked at me directly with her amber eyes, and then head-butted me in the face. I knew she was the right cat at that moment.

The shelter had new cat fixed up with all the necessary shots and had her spayed as well. They informed us she was about 8 months old. I could not understand why someone would abandon such an affectionate, intelligent animal.

Sandy was meant for my mother, but she became the family favorite. Although I do not live with her any longer, I still see her on every visit home. She will wait for me at the door, since she has learned to recognize the sound of my car. Sandy also has learned simple commands like "Go to beddy" at which point she will run to her small, circular cat bed. In her younger years she was very active, even learning how to play Hide-and-Seek and Fetch (with her felt cat toys).

Sandy is a low maintenance pet. She will nap during the day or sit quietly next to you while you watch television. She is always ready to play if you invite her to a game involving string. For the most part, she has been healthy but will occasionally get urinary tract infections which will need to be treated with medication from the vet and also require a special litter that does not give off dust. Sometimes, if Sandy is stressed out, she will lick the hair off of her tummy. My previous Orange American Shorthaired female had the same nervous habit. It occurred if there were parties or large gatherings at the house, or if someone was in the process of moving out.

All in all, the American Shorthaired cat is a great pet to have. Each personality is quite different and I highly recommend spending time with the cat before you choose to adopt. With Sandy, the connection was apparent within a few minutes. She is almost 16 years old now and I hope to have many more happy visits with her over the next few years.

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