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My little ninja warrior


California, United States

Posted Aug 25, 2015

My friend found Hank as a kitten in the fall of 2013. He was hiding under a car and was malnourished and filthy with an apparent injury to his mouth. After a little less than a year, my friend couldn't keep him anymore, so I took over ownership. I never owned a cat before--always been a "dog person"--so I was apprehensive. Much to my surprise, I absolutely fell in love with Hank.

He has such a great personality and totally reminds me of a dog, in that he plays fetch and loves a good belly rub and some behind the ears action (oh, he also begs for human food like a dog, but doesn't actually want to eat it... weirdo). Because he's still pretty young (about 2 now), he has a lot of energy, but he seems to expel more of it now that I've moved into a larger apartment with more room to run around.

He used to jump up and hang from the screen door (derivation of the nickname ninja warrior) to watch birds outside or bother me when I was sitting out there. He loves to sit at the windowsill and check out the happenings around the neighborhood, and he can have fun for hours with everyday items--none of which were intended for cat play (i.e. bags, boxes, shoelaces, shoes, hair ties, furniture... the usual).

Hank does get a little feisty at times, and will playfully claw (I have a hard time cutting his nails) and bite, and on occasion bites really hard and grips with all his might. I haven't been able to break him of these habits, but I'm hoping he'll chill out a bit as he gets older. He sheds a lot but doesn't give me allergies, which is usually the case for me with cats. He is very clean and has never sprayed (as far as I know).

Hank has a big personality and is the cutest cat I know. He naps and sleeps curled up behind my knees and I am so happy to have him.

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