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Super Steve Zissou


Delaware, Ohio, United States

Posted Aug 13, 2015

I got my little buddy, Steve, from a shelter in Denver, CO after viewing him online for several weeks. I was looking for a new cat, but had never been much interested in orange and white ones. I had always had black ones ... usually found in the street. lol I do not choose my animals lightly, and had been looking for several weeks. This orange and white cat kept showing up in my searches over and over again, so, I took this as an omen and went down to check him out. There was just something about him that attracted me.

I went to the shelter and walked into the cat room; something I dread doing because I just want to take them all home, so, I only go in there with a firm, unwavering purpose to inspect one cat, and then get out asap.

As the rest of the room sprang to life with dozens of tiny critters mewing and reaching desperately through the mesh of their cages, I did not immediately see the kitten I had come to visit. I looked around and saw one cage on the floor level that seemed unoccupied. Kneeling, I looked to the back of the cage and there, in the shadows was the white and orange face I had come to know from the internet.

I opened the cage, and he turned his head upright to look at me. I was slightly surprised when he turned his head back into his armpit and returned to his slumber. Apparently he had been through this before, and found no reason to be as excited about my visit as his fellow detainees.

I asked him calmly if he was going to come out so I could get a look at him, and this prompted him to rise, and arch his back, as if he understood what was expected, and that he had no choice but to respond. Slowly emerging into the fluorescent light, squinting at me through sleepy eyes, he wandered over and I picked him up. He immediately made his way to my shoulder where he perched like a bird, and stared around at all of the other kitties begging and pawing for attention. He seemed completely unimpressed with the entire scene.

I knew at that moment that this cat had been waiting just for me. I brought him home 2 days later, and he has been one of the coolest, laid back, mellow cats I have ever owned. He is not too demanding, he is not destructive, he is by far the smartest cat I have ever had as far as "training" goes. It is literally as if he understands English. If I say "Hey, Steve! Don't do that!" that will pretty much be the end of it! It's like magic! lol

He does have a thick coat of hair, and believe me it sheds. CONSTANTLY!! Hair is everywhere, all the time, and keeping him, the carpets, and the furniture brushed is a full time job in itself. To me, however, it is a small price to pay to have this little guy around. We have also had to have some dental work done, as he seems to not have very healthy teeth. I do not know if this is indicative of the breed, or if he just has bad teeth. We had one tooth pulled, and we always have the vet check on them when we visit.

He loves to play, hunt, sleep, wrestle with my other cat, and shed. Those are his favorite things. He travels well, too, having been to Alaska and back in a vehicle. Steve has also been on a boat, and a kayak. He seemed to like both, but the kayak took some getting use to. lol

A great pet to have! If I could clone this cat I would never need to look for another one. A Perfect Pet, and Friend!

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