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Posted Aug 09, 2015

I fostered little Aden and his two siblings when they were only 2.5 weeks old. They were found alone by a kind stranger, and brought to our local shelter, who reached out to me for help fostering. When Aden turned 2 months old, I adopted him officially from the shelter. He is the first male cat I have ever owned (I have owned 3 female cats prior), as well as the first American Shorthair I have ever owned (we previously owned Persian and Persian/longhair mixes).

He is a very energetic kitten. He climbs on everything, gets into everything, and eats everything (though we have him on a pretty strict diet of Blue Buffalo dry food and wet food for kittens). He gets along well with our older cat (she is 5 years old), though he wants to chase her around the house quite a lot, and she isn't a fan of that. He has a favorite toy, a stuffed animal of Grumpy Cat, that he is very possessive of. He kicks and bites and cuddles and puts it in his mouth to carry it around the house wherever he goes. The only problems we have with Aden are his biting and scratching. He likes to attack your ankles/feet when he sees them, or bite on your arm when he wants to be put down. His claws are quite sharp, and he usually scratches while playing.

At night, or when he is sleepy, he is literally the most loving cat I have ever owned. He loves to climb into bed with me and cuddle. He purrs loudly, nudging me with his head, asking for kisses and rubs until he falls back to sleep. It's the cutest thing!

His coat, while short, is actually very soft. He also does not shed, though my sister claims to still get a bit red after playing with him (she has pretty strong allergies).

I believe that the issues we see with Aden will be temporary, as he is still very young (3 months), and he was taken away from his mother so early. Having had kittens before, I think that as he ages he will become more docile, no longer getting into everything or biting.

I would recommend the American Shorthair breed to anyone, as they are very affectionate and low maintenance. I would also recommend adopting from a shelter or rescue rather than buying from a pet store, as I have found that the animals we rescue tend to be much more loving and gracious.

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