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Posted Jul 22, 2015

Well, I've had cats all my life. I love that they are so independent and make you earn their love. I thought I knew all about cats until I became the owner of Sasha-a Tortoiseshell cat. Boy, oh boy! I was not prepared. To start with, Sasha cried for weeks after I got her. She was completely traumatized by leaving her mom and siblings and hid under my bed for about 2 months. As soon as I turned the light off to go to bed each night, the crying/howling would start. She sounded like someone was killing her! I couldn't sleep and seriously considered giving her back to the woman I adopted her from (a friend of a co-worker had found her mother in a snow storm and let her in the house to have her kittens). But Sasha was so pretty and I had a feeling that deep down we were right for each other. Gradually the crying every night decreased and then completely stopped. She started allowing me to pet her and even started purring! Now, I can't imagine life without her. Sure she's difficult. Torties are known for having "tortitude". At times everything seems to annoy her-even me. She does not like anyone but me and refuses to come out of hiding if anyone comes to my apartment. Oh well. I've come to accept her as she is-and she accepts my quirks too. Overall, I would recommend a Tortie cat only if you have high self esteem and don't need a "lap cat" to constantly give you attention. My experience has been that these cats like considerable alone time, but will look forward to designated cuddling time-usually in bed. We have play time every night and I feed her at the same times every day. My vet says that she has "neurotic tendencies" and that establishing routines is very important. Sasha does not like anything spontaneous! But neither do I, so I guess we're perfect for each other!

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