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Posted Jul 10, 2015

Sami loves to snuggle with anyone and everyone, including dogs and other cats. She likes to sleep directly on top of my head, cuddling as close as she possibly can and purring all the while. Even if we're just sitting next to each other on the couch, she always wants to have some kind of physical contact, and will reach out to gently touch my leg or my hand with her paw. When she wants food or just to be picked up, she'll use a chirping kind of meow and talk and talk until I get her what she wants. Though I absolutely love this about her, someone who wants a quiet cat might get annoyed by this. Sami is, overall, a very low-maintenance kind of cat, keeping herself groomed, happy to sit and hang out or play - whatever her human wants to do, she'll be happy to do it, too. She's extremely friendly with dogs as long as they clearly don't have predatory intentions. She and my husky snuggle each other constantly and will take turns grooming each other's faces. We were babysitting a ferret for a friend recently and, although she was a little uncomfortable with him at first, she was walking around the house with him after a couple days of getting used to each other. She's an excellent mouser if a mouse ever finds its way inside, but seems to consider anything larger than a mouse as a potential friend.

The only real problem Sami has had is a gastrointestinal condition similar to IBS in humans which causes her to have a very sensitive stomach. On normal cat food, she will vomit several times a day. We have to buy her special food that won't irritate her bowels, which can be a bit expensive, but is definitely worth it for her health. Other than this issue, her health has been incredibly good. She's twelve years old and still plays as if she were half her age when the mood strikes. She is experiencing iris degeneration due to age, but it hasn't slowed her down a bit.

We've also had two other cats of this breed, Greg and Lucy. Greg was adopted as a 7-month-old and is super cuddly like Sami. Lucy was born to a neighborhood stray in our garage and is a little more aloof. She loves to be pet but won't actively seek out attention. Greg, on the other hand, will come and poke you on the shoulder to get your attention and then rub against your nose or cheek while purring so loudly it's hard to believe the noise is coming from a cat. Like Sami, Greg and Lucy are both very low-maintenance, mellow, and good with dogs. They shed very little. However, all of them tend to gain extra weight quickly if their food isn't carefully measured, so it's important to keep an eye on their weight and feed them the right amount to keep them healthy.

If you want a very affectionate cat who always wants attention, an American Shorthair would be a great choice. They are not as independent as other breeds - I often joke that Sami is more like a stereotypical dog than a stereotypical cat - so they may require more attention than some prospective cat owners expect, but it's well worth the time. They'll repay the love you show them tenfold.

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