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Orange, tabby shorthair is best pet we have ever had!


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Posted Jun 28, 2015

My husband and I found Marmalade at a rescue group 6 years ago and he picked us. He jumped on my back and started purring. He has been our best friend ever since. He truly is the best pet either of us has had. We both grew up with dogs and I have also had other cats and various pets.

Marmalade is very affectionate but not needy. He does his own thing and cuddles with the other cats but when you call him he usually comes and he often shows up on his own to be sweet. He often chooses to sleep at the head of the bed (unlike the other cats) between our pillows or curled around my shoulder. I don't know if he would have developed this habit on his own or if it was due to our encouragement but it is so comforting to have him show up and curl up purring near your head. He does not smother you though like some cats. He is very sensitive and does not lay on your face.

He also talks to us when we talk to him. He answers in cute, little, quite mews. He is never loud in his meowing.

Marmalade has ONE bad habit. He picks on our female cat and bites her on the neck and chases her around the house. He seems to be playing in a rough manner but she is more of an independent cat and is not interested in that kind of rough housing. He gets wild cat look and seems to think he NEEDS to bite her neck.

They have never had any injuries so we break it up but it seems to be ok. We have tried many ways to end this behavior and so far the water bottle is the only thing that works. He seems to do it whenever he feels like however, so he is very headstrong and will do what he wants when he is in that mood. They also snuggle and sleep together all the time so they seem ok.

Other than that, Marmalade is perfect. He also requires virtually no grooming other than the usual brushing to keep down shedding at times.

Health wise, he is great except he is prone to gum and teeth problems. I have heard that orange tabbies seem to get dental problems more than other shorthairs and other breeds. He has had many teeth extracted but I am starting to learn how to prevent this.Mixing one Pet Alive brand Gumz-n-Teeth supplement into his wet food each day has helped greatly. Also, giving him part of a Pepsid (ok'd by vet) each day helps with his stomach acid and therefore also his teeth.

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