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Kiko the Pirate Kitty


United States

Posted Jun 27, 2015

After moving to Washington, DC and starting a new job, I felt the need to have something to take care of but knew I worked too much to have a dog. Then, the DC Humane Society brought a truck of cats that were up for adoption to a block party outside my house. There were lots of friendly cats and adorable kittens, but there was this one cat curled up in a ball in the bottom, back-most cage, all by itself: a little calico cat with one eye. I mentioned to my roommate how sad it was that no one was taking her out to pet her and hold her. A volunteer overheard me and announced, "Oh yeah, she's free!" I asked the volunteer what she meant and she told me that the cat in question, Kiko, had been in the shelter so long (nearly a year) and was so withdrawn and depressed, all of her adoption fees were waived. I asked if I could hold her and so I did; the moment I held her, I knew I was a goner. I couldn't abandon this unloved, lonely little creature back to the shelter where her odds of being adopted, when there were so many friendly, exuberant cats and kittens all around her, were incredibly slim.

So, after talking to my landlord, I brought Kiko the one-eyed pirate cat home. Surprisingly, she was not particularly afraid of us or the house and while she did not want us to touch her, she followed us from room to room and laid on the floor at our feet from that very first night onward. Gradually, Kiko has come to let us hold her and pet her, though she still occasionally bites or scratches when she does not want you to touch her anymore. While she may not be the friendliest or most affectionate pet I have ever had, I feel good knowing I gave this little creature a home when she likely would not have found one otherwise. Everyone and everything, person and animal alike, needs to be loved and wanted by at least one other person. And I am happy to be that for Kiko.

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