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Stray Cat Resembling American Shorthair


United States

Posted Jun 22, 2015

Although I have owned five cats total, this review is based on my experience with my cat Corey, a stray cat we adopted at about six weeks old who most closely resembles an American Shorthair. Although I've been away at college for two years, he is still very happy at home with my family. He wandered up our driveway exactly two weeks before my ninth birthday, so it was impossible for him not to be my cat. He was always a sweetheart, fairly affectionate with a special affinity for laps. He also insisted on sleeping in my bed for the first half of his existence (he must have grown out of it at some point). Of course, that experience wasn't without meows in the middle of the night when Corey decided he needed to be let outside right at that moment. That kind of behavior could probably be expected of any cat.

Corey has had his share of feistiness, as he comes from feral heritage. He has been known to scratch and bite in what appear to be feline dissociative episodes. Shortly afterward, he realizes what he's done and shows extreme remorse for up to several days.

Although Corey was neutered, after our 19-year-old cat Sheila died, he and our other male cat Whiskers began to compete for the "territory" she'd left behind. They both began spraying as best they could, which was basically urinating in various places inside our house. After a couple months of this behavior, our family decided that they would be strictly outside cats. Once they were no longer allowed inside the house, neither Corey nor Whiskers sprayed, and they merely resumed their normal behavior.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend taking in a sweet cat who wanders up your driveway in the middle of the night. All of my cats have been rescue cats in this capacity, and I have had a lovely experience with all of them, even though I've been closest with Corey.

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