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Posted Jun 21, 2015

My little guy Mocha is the coolest cat I've had. We adopted him and his two siblings as kittens found in a construction site porta-potty, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Mocha is a relaxed feline. He likes to play, especially when cat-nip is involved, but generally he can be found on beds and couches. He enjoys watching TV or whatever is out the window, and he loves belly scratching. If he can't get his sister to groom him, he'll meow for our attention and purr trying to get his daily scratches in. It's endearing, and he is a big sweet-heart.

The only trouble we have with Mocha is when he gets hungry he is quite vocal. It's really not too big of an issue, but when these cats want food they get it.

As far as health goes, Mocha has been a very robust cat. The only issue we had was this past year he developed a bladder infection that crystallized his urine and made him pee blood. We found out this is common in cats who are getting older, and the bill was more than we'd expected. But Mocha has proved himself part of the family and we got him all patched up.

He is great with kids and other animals, but will swat at a dog if it gets too close to his face. Never any biting, only a warning swat, and if that fails he will walk away.

These cats are usually very delightful and know their owners. If you go on a trip they be very vocal when you return, and are generally quite affectionate. As with most cats Mocha is low maintenance. He gets food and water and toys, and he finds ways to entertain himself often at the behest of the stray items on the counter.

Mocha and his siblings are delightful pets and make great additions to the family.

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