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American Shorthair Cat


United States

Posted Jun 18, 2015

Jasper is almost ten years old. I adopted him from a pet store that was hosting a rescue shelter adoption day. My parents had several cats while I was growing up so I was pretty familiar with their personalities and how to care for them. The idea of having an animal for companionship but that required relatively little maintenance (as opposed to a dog) was appealing to me since I was a busy college student. Jasper was a stray and he definitely had some personality quirks to start off with (he still retains some today). He had a very high need for attention, something that surprised me for a cat. If I didn't let him sleep in my bed with me, he'd let me hear about it. Also he had a bad habit of shredding my toilet paper into bits to show his distress if I left him for a weekend. He had a terrible, prolonged case of kennel cough after I got him. He sneezed for weeks and I'd find little cat boogers all over my walls. Also there were several occasions where I'd come home and find that he'd dragged poop all over my carpet. He'd be a mess and I'd have to put him in the shower. He was terrible with strangers, skittish and very high strung. Although he was very attached to me, he bit several people which caused a lot of my friends and family not to like him very much. He also had a nasty habit of peeing on my carpet. In truth, there were several occasions when I wanted to get rid of him. I think that his quirks probably came from the fact that he was a stray, alley cat. He may have had some bad experiences with people in his past. Over the years he really mellowed out though. He's pretty chill these days. Very affectionate, loves to be petted. He tolerates my dog because he's gotten used to him but, overall, he does not like dogs at all. He loves to be outdoors and is a great hunter. Still sleeps in my bed after all these years.

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