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The black beast known as a Cat


371 40, Sweden

Posted Jun 08, 2015

I have always seen myself as a Dog person, having grown up with and around them, and as such a was a little averse to the thought of getting a cat. Granted, I had no choice in the matter, since the cat came with my girlfriend when she moved in, some two years ago.
It proved, however, that I was fretting over nothing: I simply love our little black monster that claims to be a cat. She's mischievous, cute, funny, weird and can be a real pain, but I love her.

When she first moved in to the apartment she was very sceptical to both her new surroundings and to me, but as she grew more confident and comfortable, she's also grown more fond of me: to my girlfriends' delight, and we now get along like the best of friends, so long as I provide food at a reasonable rate (which, according to her, should be every other hour).

Having a cat as a indoor pet is wonderful and fun, and surprisingly low-maintenance. Provide a clean litter box, healthy portions of food and water
make sure to take time to play with her and they'll love you!

About one year after I got the cat, I decided to realise a life-long dream of having my own dog, and despite our (me and my girlfriend, that is) doubt of whether the cat would get along with the dog, we bought a male puppy. After some initial scepticism, and a lot of sniffing, the cat took to the dog and they get along very well!

All in all, life with a cat is great: you get a low-maintenance friend who might not be the most cosy and cuddly of beasts, but most definitely one of the most fun.

On a final note: if you plan on getting both a cat and a dog, I recommend getting the dog as a puppy and, if possible, the cat while he/she is still a kitten. The odds of them getting along will be a lot better if the get to know each other while at least one of them is still very young.

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