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Posted May 10, 2015

We found Teeny as a kitten at an animal shelter. She has a sleek, mostly black coat, with white on her legs and belly. She is the the queen bee of the house's cats. Not in an aggressive way. She's too secure in her own regal nature that she doesn't bother with displays. She takes care of my Ragdoll cat like he's her little brother. She's always grooming him. They're adorable together.

Teeny is an incredibly smart cat. She knows exactly how to communicate what she wants. It's often wet food. She'll sit by the bowl and look up beseechingly until I give in. If that doesn't work she'll give little pitiful mews to remind me that she's waiting. It's highly effective.

Teeny has some quirks. One of them is that she sneezes a lot, as in icky sprays of snot landing on the wall or your arm. I've talked to a veterinarian about it, worried that she was sick. Apparently this is just how Teeny is . . . a sneezy cat. She'll occasionally snore when she's really sleepy. It's pretty cute. She sleeps on the pillow above my head, purring.

Teeny tends to be a bit overweight, though I try to feed her low calorie food. She's gotten pretty lazy during playtime. Most of the time she just wants to sit on my desk and occasionally bat at the Da Bird toy that I need to carefully aim to pass by her at just the right spot. She finds it enthralling though, and will meow if I stop until I start back up again.

One time my not very bright Ragdoll cat got lost by somehow crawling through an opening in the bathtub installation. We didn't know that was possible, so we're outside, calling his name, getting frantic with worry for twenty minutes. Then we heard a "meow" from a screen opening to under our house. It was Teeny! She had understood that we were searching for my Ragdoll, so she managed to find him under the house and lead him to the small screen where she was able to alert us to their location. She saved the day and rescued Caspian! Such a brilliant kitty!

Aside from the sneezing, Teeny has always been a healthy cat. She enjoys being around people and gets along fine with dogs. She's never had any bathroom issues. From my experience with Teeny, I've found American Shorthairs to be healthy, smart and loving cats who make excellent pets.

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