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The Ninja Cat


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Posted May 06, 2015

When we first got this cat, she was aloofish and didn't want anything to do with anybody. She was adopted from a lady down the road. We'd been looking for kittens, and this lady put an ad in the paper about free kittens. We drove down there, picked out two, and that was that.

She wasn't that pretty when we got her, but as the years have gone on, she's become adorable. Turns out, she's a gray/orange calico mix (I didn't see that option for breed, so I picked the closest thing). The best part about this is, when she's outside in the woods (or even laying on the living room rug!), you can't see her. She blends right in with the environment. When she moves, you might be able to see her -- if you're looking in the right spot. I've accidentally sat on her twice on the couch, because she blends in with the fabric. Then I feel really bad and apologize, even though she doesn't understand English.

Funny thing is, the little sweetheart is a polydactyl. That means she's got extra toes - and extra claws! (We wouldn't dream of declawing a cat.)

She's very vocal, and she'll meow if anything's wrong - or if she thinks anything's wrong. We all hold conversations with her, and I swear she understands every word that we say.

She's an indoor/outdoor cat, going out early in the morning, coming in and out most of the day, and coming it at night to eat supper and spend the night indoors. She's had a few adventures where she either didn't come back for the night, or she simply stayed out juuuust long enough so that when we were ready to go to bed and tried one last time, she would come sauntering into the room.

She's really such a sweet cat now, although she wasn't always that way. After we adopted her, and for a little while after she was fixed, she didn't want anything to do with anybody. It's been recently that she's come around. She loves my mother especially, and if Mom's not home, then she'll fight with her brother (Sylvester) over anything.

She sheds a little if you pet her, but as she's a shorthaired cat, we really don't brush her much. She bathes almost constantly. She'll finish one bath, make a lap around the room, and then settle back into her basket and take one more bath.

I can't imagine a life without my Smokie girl. She's very intelligent - she knows how the doorknobs work, and I swear that if we had handles on our doors, she'd be able to open them. As it is now, she'll stretch up and attempt to turn the knob herself! She knows where the doors go, and she knows our routine. If any of us sleep past the normal time on a weekday (in the summer, when school's out), she'll jump on our beds and attempt to rouse us so that we don't miss whatever it is we do all day.

So, the pros? She's an adorable cat, very sweet when she wants to be, and she requires very little grooming, as she's a shorthair and can take care of herself. She plays with her feather toy, and she loves being petted right under her chin and on the bridge of her nose.

The cons would be that she's a very vocal cat. Although, to be honest, that's not so much of a con for me as it would be to other people. I like talking to my cats. She's also prone to running around like a madman at the most inopportune times of the night, as well as sometimes fighting with her brother, but hey - that's a cat for you.

If you're going to adopt a cat, go to a shelter or find one that wouldn't have a chance otherwise. Don't buy from a breeder, because that only contributes to the overcrowded shelter and the homeless pet problem. Smokie came from a lady who didn't neuter her female cats, and she's been with us ever since.

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