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Severus the Cat


Houston, Texas, United States

Posted Apr 28, 2015

Severus, named after the Harry Potter, character, Severus Snape, is an American shorthaired cat. But if Severus could speak English, he’d say, “The only thing you need to know about my breed is…I am well bred.”

He’s a big cat, larger than most. The first thing anyone says when they meet him is, “That’s a BIG cat!”

Severus is a hunter. He likes to catch lizards and he likes to chase other cats. That could be a con depending on how the owner looks at it. I personally don’t want lizards in the house, so as far as I’m concerned, he can have at them. And regarding other cats, frankly I agree with Severus, they shouldn’t be hanging around his property, this is Severus’s home.

His favorite thing to hunt is a red dot. The minute I turn on the laser cat toy, Severus crouches into pounce mode. Other than his quest for the red dot and other hunting, Severus is a cat of leisure. When he’s not sunbathing or napping, he loves to sit on my laptop or on top of a large book on the bottom of the bookshelf. He also enjoys knocking things off the bookshelf. I guess he thinks I put them up there so he can knock them down. I imagine to a cat’s reasoning there could be no other purpose for a bookshelf.

It can be a con when Severus sits on the laptop while I’m trying to write. This is where his high intelligence comes into play. I say, “You’re in Mommy’s way.” He follows my meaning and rises up to settle back down a few inches over, off of the laptop and keyboard. Sometimes I also have to tell him, “No keyboard walking.” He understands this as well.

Both loyal and affectionate, Severus has totally bonded with me. No matter what room of the house I go to, he always joins me there. He enjoys lying on my chest and sometimes on my feet, while I sleep. He likes to be petted on top of his head and on the sides of his head, but not the rest of his body. I hold my hand out to him and he rubs his head against it to show me where he wants to be petted at that moment.

Severus is my fur baby. I don’t know what I’d do without him, and that’s a pro that outweighs any con.

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