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Posted Apr 17, 2015

I have had quite a few of these cats over the years, and overall I would recommend them. First though, I would like to get the cons out of the way. I would have to say the worst part about a cat is dealing with the litter box. You should have a designated space on hardwood, linoleum, or some other easy to clean area. You do not need to change it everyday of course, but you should scoop it out daily.

The only other problem that I had was them shedding. They do not shed that badly, but I would recommend planning on vacuuming all of the furniture every time that you vacuum the floor. I am a little ocd with hair and lint, but I survived with two cats.

The thing that I like most and something to take into consideration is that they all have very different personalities. In my experience, extremely different, markedly different. One cat, which I ended up naming puppy, I raised from two weeks old and was very unusual. She used to climb into the sink and make this noise. It was a noise that was not a meow. She would do this when she wanted you to turn the water on. She enjoyed drinking water directly from the spigot. Once she was done drinking, she would usually lie down directly under the spigot and let the water shower down on her head. She was usually indifferent to people except for rare occasions.

Some cats will be very vocal and needy, some cats will be indifferent. Some cats will bring you dead mice as gifts. Some enjoy attention but do not want handled. Some do not demand attention but they still want to sleep directly on your face. Overall I would recommend this pet, I would also recommend you put some effort into finding one that will suit you without it needing to be changed or trained.

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