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82102, Mexico

Posted Apr 14, 2015

I must say When we first moved to a new house 15 years ago we did not have any pets at first, cause of my fathers allergies but, sooner or later fate happened.
I was walking to school one morning and out came prancing a small calico kitty from an open field,she was crying and had on a ribbon tied around her neck and perfume sprayed on her. Someone had abandoned her, this being Mexico its not uncommon for cats to be abandoned this is more of a dog nation. There are many strays around, so with the precautions taken, we took her to the vet, and got her shots, and de wormed, and 5 months later got her spayed. She was the cutest little spunky, and playful kitten ever, and has since been with my even after 13 years, I was even able to train her to do a few tricks like walk a beam and catch a toy, then later on she grew up and was more active and we got another cat on board at first she was a bit territorial, and the other cat Cookie was actually related to her pack, she is her niece so to speak. Finally after 2 years of sparring and being territorial they learned to get along, and have become ever so close, so much so that they copy eachothers behaviour. Its amazing to see the feedback off of them both. One thing with cats though is they love bringing you "presents" as a token of affection towards there masters, say like a dead bird, iguana, lizard, snake, mouse, frog you name it! We have gotten them all, plus the love hunting scorpions. Then there is always the mess to clean up after all that hunting, and sometimes even after brushing your cats, there will caugh up furballs or sometimes even lunch, so be prepared to clean up after them.
As far as potty training, both cats learned to go outdoors, thank goodness for us no extra clean up and no purchasing of kitty litter, or foul odors, since they were little they have learned to go outside near a tree, and they take care of there own mess. Just make sure you clean there paws and wipe them off when they coming tracking in muddy foot prints!
Another downside of owning pets its sometimes the inevitble happens, and they escape, get into a fight or somehow get injured, that happened to us more than once.
The first time, Honey got into a fight with another dog and her hip and pelvis got injured and she needed surgery, it came to 1300 bucks, which is alot down here, and she was in the animal hospital for 5 days.
The second time Cookie almost got ran over, but managed to escape.

Even with all these ups and downs I wouldn't trade them for the world, they provide immense joy and laughter even in the toughest of times, at least we have them.

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