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Her name is Bella...


United States

Posted Apr 11, 2015

My cat's name is Bella. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old. She is amazing! Although it took her a couple of "no Bella! Bad Bella!'s" to do it, she quickly adapted to her new environment and litter box/area. As a kitten, she was extremely playful. She always wanted to play and skate around my hard wood floors but as she got older, she calmed down. Bella doesn't vocalize very much but when she does, its this really annoying, crying "meow". Bella has her own area (living room) but considering it's just her and I, she is extremely spoiled. Sleeping in the living room is sometimes out of the question. She wakes me up at 5 am everyday so she can lay on my bed and watch me get ready for work or on the weekends, sleep in with me. She's not very high maintenance at all. She's very easy going and can be around children and other humans. Bella hates car drives and the vet! Unless she's out of her carrier, Bella cries (literally) the entire drive. I sometimes feel bad but she's only in the car for short distances like when she's going to the vet or I'm taking her to a friend's house while I go out of town.

When she was only a few months old, I noticed her displaying some really weird, out of her ordinary behavior. I took her to the vet and found out she had a urinary tract infection. How did she get it? I have no idea considering she'd never stepped outside a day in her life (so no male interaction) and she ate very healthy, vet recommended foods only. At first, administering the medication for those few days was very tough. She cried and hated taking the oral medication but I got her to do it. Later on, she started displaying "in heat" behavior, took her to the vet and he recommended since she won't be reproducing and she was still very young, I should get her spayed.

Those days were difficult because she wanted to rip her stitches out but we got through that as well. I'm not sure how it will be when she gets older but as of right now, she's very healthy. I am monitoring her behaviors for anything unusual considering her breed is known for kidney failures and other health issues but overall, my cat is fabulous. She doesn't need much other than food, water and clean litter box!

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