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Zoey the Warrior Queen!


1630, Philippines

Posted Apr 06, 2015

My brother found a kitten stranded on the road. My brother couldn't bear to leave such a tiny, hapless life to the merciless road, so he took her home without a second thought. She could barely stand on her own feet, and already, she was meowing. She was a very intelligent girl right from the start. Very playful, without a hint of shyness. She would be the first one to jump at a moving object when her siblings (fellow rescued cats) would cower and hide.

Zoey grew up to be very tomboyish. She couldn't stand being in one place for too long. She had to explore. When we wouldn't let her out for fear of losing her, we didn't realize how much she needed the outside world. Everyday, when she wasn't playing or eating, she would gaze out the window to stare at the cats, the trees, the life that was rolling past her. She loved people, but she loved the world, too. New toys and gratuitous strokes between her ears weren't enough. She wanted to see the world.

When we let her out after a year as an indoors cat, she stood perfectly still and just took in the sight of the sky and the grass. We'd take her in, and then back, until she made friends of her own. She formed a pack and assumed the role as their leader. Zoey was so very devoted to defending them that she would come home limping or with missing fur. We knew she'd been fighting for them, and she would rather have it no other way. She loves her friends, cat or human. When a stranger comes in our house, she would be peering through the darkness, ready to pounce, or right beside us.

She has a softer side to her too. Zoey loves to be petted and to feel cared for, just as much as she grooms and cares for her humans. She is incredibly perceptive. Right off the bat, she would sit on my lap and purr when I felt lonesome.

Zoey has been my companion for several amazing years and counting. There's never a dull moment with her. She's spontaneous and unpredictable, but she's also the type of cat who'll love you like they mean it. They'll smother you with gifts of their affection and gratitude.

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