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My life with Scalvi


United States

Posted Mar 31, 2015

When my pet cat, Scalvi, entered my life, I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect. I have owned, or as many cat people will tell you, been owned by, a cat for most of my life. Cats can have such a wide variety of personalities, it is impossible to look at a cat and determine what they will be like. Scalvi was one of those types of cats.

I picked him up from a rescue home that attempted to find homes for feral born cats and their kittens. Scalvi was one of a litter of three kittens whose mother had been either lost or already placed. All three kittens had lovely black fur with Scalvi possessing a white blaze mark on his chest and tummy. His brother and sister were all black furred and all three had large green eyes. I was told that the three of them were inseparable and all three were in need of a good home. Being a sucker of animals, and one who possesses the word “sucker” written across their forehead in such a way that only animals can see, I looked into the cage that held all three cats and stared into those six green eyes. The cage was dark and with their black fur, only their eyes could be seen. They uttered no sound and simply stared back with a combination of nervousness and hope for a new home. The lady who ran the sanctuary told me to go ahead and open the cage to see if they would like me. I opened the cage and gently held my hand there for them to sniff me and determine their next move. No sooner had my hand moved to the front of the cage, one of the cats emerged partly to sniff my hand and rub against it as a way of saying “hello there, I’m cute and you will love me.” I knew I had to bring them home.

I brought them home in the supplied carriers and opened them in one of the bathrooms next to their new litter pan, so the kittens would know where it was. Once I had done so, I gave them some attention and left them alone to inspect their new domicile. I retreated to my couch and sat down, staying in their vision so they could see where I was. As I sat down, I was surprised to find one of the kittens had followed me into the living room and as soon as I was seated, he jumped up into my lap. He turned around once, found his spot on my lap, lay down, and then looked up at me with his wide green eyes before he uttered one soft mew to let me know he was home. From there the purring began. He had decided I was going to be his human.

Since then Scalvi, his brother Shiva along with their sister Baroness (who sadly succumbed to medical problems stemming from her dwarf size), and I have shared a life together in our sanctuary away from the turbulent world. Scalvi is a constant companion who is able to assess my mood and has figured out great ways to treat any periods of ill feelings, usually by jumping onto my lap, purring at me, and then demanding I pet him until the world goes away. Scalvi is a cat who possesses a great deal of intelligence with the longest memory of any cat I can recall having shared a house with. Scalvi can recognize objects that he wishes to possess and can recall them from any hiding spot in which I have hidden them. I have witnessed him scale to the highest points in the house oftentimes leaping from one piece of furniture to another as if he were a squirrel or wild tiger in the forest. The most surprising climbing moment of Scalvi’s climbing career came when I heard and odd sound coming from the bedroom and went to investigate. Scalvi had managed to figure out how to climb the door frame! Much like you would see a repairman ascending a telephone pole, Scalvi had manage to wrap his paws around the doorframe on both sides and ascended to the upper part. His reason for calling for me seemed to be more out of a state of confusion on what to do now rather than distress. When I went to help him down, Scalvi simply moved his way down to the floor on his own. Scalvi has also learned how to open any door in the house he decides is hindering him from achieving his goals, whatever they may be. He has also figured out how to turn the door knob, but has yet to figure out how to grip the newer and slipperier door knobs, though I am sure he will discover the secret soon enough. If it wasn’t the need of opening his cat food, I think he would help himself to his food whenever he desired it since he is able to find it no matter where I put the cans of food.

I think though the most important thing about Scalvi is his loving nature. He is a constant companion who gives his love freely. He is there when I need him and is always willing to snuggle to help cheer me up when life has gotten me down. He smiles constantly in that unique cat way that lets me know that no matter what; there is always someone in my corner cheering me on. There are many who claim to have assistant animals that help them. Scalvi is one of those animals. While he is not licensed, trained, or certified as such, he has always assisted me in life. He is able to cheer me up when I feel down and make me laugh when he feels I need to. He has structured our life together so that we spend part of the day simply playing for our mutual amusement. We will snuggle on the couch and watch television, of which he has his preferences on what we watch and is not afraid to express his opinions on that subject.

Cats have a unique ability to enter our lives, bringing a sense of order (usually their own), joy, happiness, and warmth that is hard to match. They bring an unencumbered love and share their lives with the owners. I would highly recommend anyone to acquire, or serve, a cat.

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