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Athena, The No Longer Stray


United States

Posted Mar 30, 2015

I found my cat at a local fast food restaurant in my small college town. She was a little perfect grey tabby, with a slightly lazy left eye (which only made her more adorable). Owning a once stray cat is a wonderful experience. The cat is so grateful just to receive love.
In my opinion cats are perfect for the single life, because they don't need a lot of attention, but enjoy it when they can get it. Athena is super easy to take care of, and her vet bills are low because she is such a healthy cat.

I will say, while taking in a stray is one of the best ways to get a cat, there are a few challenges to start off with. First of all, the initial vet bills can be rather hefty. Getting all the testing done to make sure your kitty is perfectly in good health can be costly. While most pet stores and adoption services add this into the low adoption fee, this isn't the case when you take in a stray. Everything is on your shoulders. Athena had roundworms when I first got her, and so periodically she'll be reinfected. (Roundworms can stay dormant for years in a cat.) I was lucky, her being a stray, that that was the only thing that was wrong with her health. Also, a stray cat has a tendency to get--well, fat--when it is no longer a stray. They're so used to feeding for survival that when they have plenty of food they over eat. I've had three other cats before, and Athena is the only one to ever get hefty.

Overall though, owning a cat is one of the greatest joys I have when I come home. I would never think twice about picking up my kitty from that parking lot. She is always there when I need her, and she comes when I call. When I'm sick or sad, she somehow knows. She'll sit on my chest to try and make me feel better, while rubbing her sweet little head against my chin. People who say a cat can't be a loving pet have probably never owned one!

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