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Little Miss Sunshine


United States

Posted Mar 29, 2015

Although I had taken care of my parent's cat for about the last two years of her life, I had never fully taken on the responsibility of taking care of a cat until we adopted Sunshine, a orange tabby cat. We adopted Sunshine from the SPCA when I was 8 years old on March 20th, 2005, and she has seen me grow up and become a happier woman with an even happier cat.
While Sunshine's life was somewhat turned upside-down with the arrival of a young puppy named Jarko in September of 2012, she has continued to live in peace. I hope that, at some point, we will successfully train Jarko to leave her alone, but for now, she finds sanction in her own room in our basement or in my room upstairs (which I haven't even used as much since I've been away at school). She is not quite as playful as she was when she was younger (we adopted her when she was 2, and she had a lot of energy back then), although she does like to play what we call "batters", which is when she "bats" at one of her toys or a rope or string while doing what we call "roly pollies" (rolling over on her back).
Sunshine has always been somewhat plump, although she has lost a lot of weight since leaving the SPCA. We often joke that she gives off the persona of being a "pretty girl" because she loves to be "told how pretty she is" (if you're an animal lover, you'll understand!). After all, she does have a beautiful orange coat of fur and bright, green eyes!
She has had some health issues, including flees and a paw infection from when she somehow cut open the bottom of her paw (she is an indoor cat, so we're not too sure how this happened). When she was younger, she also used to poop on the basement floor, although this doesn't happen anymore (this was before we got our dog, and we think she was pooping because she was smelling the dogs of the previous owner--they had a dog).
Sunshine will always be very dear to me. When times get busy and I am home, I feel like she is always available to cuddle with. I love her very much, and I love the fact that she is your proverbial orange tabby cat.

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