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Good Ole Gary


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Posted Mar 02, 2015

So let me start off by first stating - I don't like cats. I'm not a cat person. Tigers, on the other hand....they're awesome. Cats, regular little cats, not so much.

I don't like cats for several reasons.
- They're boring.
- They can make your house smell AWFUL.
- They're boring.
- They don't let you play with them unless they want to.
- Did I mention how boring they are?

However, I have owned many cats in my lifetime. It all started when my brother and I were about 10 years old or so. We just had to have a cat. And one of our teachers at school was giving away some kittens that her mama cat just had.

So we got two of them; a boy and a girl. And they were so adorable and cute, and you just wanted to eat them right up. But my dad wouldn't allow us to keep them in the house. We didn't understand why at the time, but I get it now.

We kept them in the barn we had outside. We went out there every day after and before school to hold our oh-so-adorable kitties. There was nothing cuter than these little guys chasing around string, attacking each other, rubbing their heads on our laps. They were just adorable.

But the next thing you know, they grew up, mated with each other and two cats turned into 6, turned into 12, turned into....well, you get the point.

They were perfect for our lifestyle. We lived on a small ranch, had livestock, a big ranch home, lots of land. They kept away rats, prairie dogs, rattlesnakes. Cats are tough and they can survive on their own if they get out of your house as long as you don't declaw them and all that jazz. Our cats fought off a group of coyotes one night. It was amazing. Sad, but amazing.

Gary, the boy that we obtained was my favorite. He knew we took care of him, so he loved us, but if he didn't want to be held, he'd scratch the you-know-what out of us and run off.

We left that little ranch for a new life in a less rural area and we had taken Gary with us. We gave the other cats to a neighbor of ours to benefit their ranch like they did ours.

When we moved, we had to keep Gary in the house because we went from our 10 acres to one. He used his litter box. You really don't have to train them much. They don't want to pee and poop on our couch - they're picky and want that dirt that they can use to bury their businesses. But watch out if you have any house plants. Because they will pee and poop in those, and you'll watch your plants die, and you'll never get rid of the smell. Even when you change the litter box five times in an hour, your house will smell.

You need to not love your furniture and carpets, either, because even if you get a scratching post, you'll furniture will and carpets will also be a scratching post.

Nothing against cats. They're cute. I love when they purr, and when they sit on your lap and do that thing where they'll have their paw on your leg and you'll feel them almost grab you and let go, then grab you, then let go....it's their way of saying, "hey person, thanks for loving me, but I'm done now so let me get up and scratch the rest of your leg because I'm done with you for now."

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