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Reminds me of sour patch kids, sweet and sour.


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Posted Feb 05, 2015

I have an american short hair orange tabby, and let me tell you, he is something else.

He is playful, but only on his terms.

He enjoys being petted, but only for a limited amount of time as determined by him, he will alert you that he has had enough by biting or mauling my hand.

He enjoys mutual grooming sessions, which is awe worthy, until he bites me at some point.

He enjoys trapping me into a false sense of security by routinely rolling on his back, showing me his belly and meowing at me. I then reach down to put the fluffy belly and lo and behold I am being swatted at.

My cat does love me though, he shows me is affection by leaving me dead mice, but the most impressive thing he has brought me to show his love and devotion was a live bird, that he caught, brought into the house and then let it go! That was tons of fun trying to catch the bird as it went nuts around the house and avoid the cat and catch various objects as they plummeted to the floor when the cat rebounded off them to re catch said bird.

On the rare occasion my cat will allow me to bask in his presence, this is usually done by sitting on my work, sitting on my hand, or trying to snuggle up into my neck. At night he will lay draped across whatever part of my body he deems to be comfortable, heaven forbid I attempt to move him, that might result in lacerations and stitches.

In short, my cat is kind of a jerk, and I find most American Short haired Tabby's to be such. I would suggest getting one, they have their moments that redeem them, especially when they chase the laser dots, but keep some oven mitts handy, you know for all those scratches you will get when you pet them one stroke too many.

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