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Domestic American Shorthair...the classic cat


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Posted Feb 01, 2015

These guys can be characters at times...Buddy is about the fourth of the American shorthairs that have owned me :) Currently I am owned by Buddy, a two years young light ginger colored Shorthair. He has a nice tabby ginger coat that I have always classified as tawny colored because he's technically not an "orange" looking cat like Garfield. In my experience American shorthairs are moderately talkative, but Buddy is strong and silent. I think he only meows when he wants outside (and at those times, he gets pretty plaintive about it!) But as far as those "feed me" and "hello" kind of little meows, he never does that, unlike other cats I owned once. Buddy is Mr. Personality at times, he's very agile and when he gets in one of those moods, he's climbing, running, or leaping up on top of something high like the refrigerator or my husband's vintage arcade cabinet :) He grooms himself most of the time and he does not shed much. Buddy has a tendency to nip (it's playful, not aggressive type) even though I think he should have grown out of that stage by now. My other 3 shorthairs were not long-term nippers (2 of them male, they grew out of it, the female, she did not nip.) My cat has a built-in biological clock; he loves to let us know when to let him out, and he is very insistent about it...like jumping up on the kitchen cabinet or on my computer desk (I draw the line when he tries to get on the keyboard!)
I think most of the above is accurate about American shorthairs in general; based on my long-time ownership of them. I also have a longer-haired cat and she's more docile and other long-haired cats seems a bit more docile about such things as biting or nipping; and less vocal too. There's a lot to like about these guys as they are playful, active, and full of personality, and don't need brushing too much (if any). The only thing is that the males are a little rough at times...I call it "territory spats". They will challenge another male cat that comes on their turf (this happens regardless of whether or not they have been neutered.) Once they are neutered, they don't roam as much from home, and they don't "spray". Buddy's tail quivers at times and that is because the spraying instinct is still there.
He's a fun cat--just full of life and all...every cat has a different and unique personality, regardless of the breed!

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