American Shorthair

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Sweet Marilyn


United States

Posted Jan 26, 2015

Though she can be, for lack of a better term, a brat, she is a pretty awesome cat. I do think she believes she's a dog though. She comes when called, fetches toys, and knows commands such as "get down" and "go to bed". Her story starts out awfully sad. My grandmother was hospitalized in late 2012, and when we went to her home to get her affairs in order, found she had been hording animals. As we began to find homes for all the different creatures, two tiny kittens remained. They had to be bottle fed, and no one wanted that responsibility. My grandmother had told us she found a litter of kittens dumped in the ditch by her mailbox one day, four of them dead. So she kept the two that survived and cared for them until she couldn't. My sister took the little boy and I kept the girl and before I knew it, I want just fostering her, I had stopped looking for a new home for her. She's black and white with and cute little spot on her lip (hence the name) and has an easy to maintain coat. She can be pretty lazy, but will play and game of chase the dogs when she's got it in her. She is awful with children though. None have ever given her a reason to be, but she's never liked them and it has only gotten worse with time. She's very territorial and won't let other cats around, but doesn't mind our dogs. I say our dogs because she hasn't had contact with anyone elses. She's gotten out before and a day or two later returned home, a little dirty and confused, but uninjured. Mostly, she's and pampered house cat who cries every morning for and can of wet food and knows where we hid the catnip and will do everything she can to get it. She's very vocal, she cries and purrs and meows like she were in heat (but we had her fixed!) She can be stand-offish, but come bedtime she's crawling up next to me to cuddle.

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