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Mister Toto


United States

Posted Jan 24, 2015

Toto is by far one of the most interesting and fun cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Since he was a kitten he's always oozed personality, and despite a few minor drawbacks (he's quite the troublemaker at times), he makes for an excellent addition to our home.

The most stand out trait Toto possesses is his playfulness. Ever since he was a kitten he would mewl for attention and require that we entertain him. At times he manages to entertain himself, by batting toys around or jumping in and out of boxes, but more often than not, he prefers people to have fun with. He will actually play fetch with shoe laces, or tug of war, not unlike a friendly dog.

He is not a picky eater and is happy to munch on whatever cat food we are able to get him. He adores fish though - it is by far his preference. He is not fussy and loves to be handled, even cuddled like a baby. He will graciously sleep beside (or on) you if you let him, and is not that chatty without reason. He will only meow if he's hungry or if he is in need of attention.

His downsides are few. Occasionally he takes playing too far - he is known to scratch while playing, and his love bites are distinctly hard. He has a knack for gripping arms and hands with his claws, and won't let go without some force. He plays like a dog at times. He will roll around and fetch, as well as pounce and swat. Like most cats, he is superstitiously afraid of vacuum cleaners and will hide at the sight of one. Also, despite being super friendly and playful, he is not the brightest cat I've owned, nor the most graceful. He will undershoot jumps, knock things over by accident, and even slip off the couch. These little quirks however simply add to his personality, and we wouldn't trade him for anything.

As of this review Toto is healthy, happy, and nearing his 5th birthday.

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