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Ma belle Cosette


United States

Posted Jan 18, 2015

I first acquired Cosette when someone posted to an Internet mailing list I was on and said that the cat would be put to death if someone didn't take her. I really wasn't supposed to have a cat in the house I was renting, so I'd ignored all such pleas, but this one was a calico, like my very first cat, and I couldn't let her die. My boyfriend and I drove from our home in DC up to NJ to pick her up. I named her Cosette after the little girl in Les Mis, and we called her Coco for short.

Coco had been a pet shop cat who needed a new home when the shop closed. She had a very distinctive personality, feeling that she was superior to pretty much everyone and everything. She didn't like to be picked up, and she did like to bite if she felt that you weren't doing what you should be doing (such as feeding her, or if you were petting her in an non-Coco-approved fashion). She would absolutely not allow us to acquire any other cats.

I adored her. She would come and sit on you, or next to you, if you were reading, and allow you to pet her for a while. She would jump out from behind corners to bite your ankles on the way to the bathroom in the morning. She would pose for pictures, while letting you know how silly you were for pointing that weird thing at her. She would sit on your butt if you were lying on your tummy.

Coco became very sick in her old age with a liver problem that we treated as best we could. She had medication, but if she took it for too long she would develop other problems, so we had to regulate it carefully. She lived a good long life, though, and she waited until I had left town on business to finally succumb to her illness, spending one last evening purring in my lap.

Shorthairs aren't "fancy" cats, but they generally have great personalities, and they are easy to care for. The only problem is the temptation to have too many of them. Of all the pets I've had, cats are probably my favorite type in general.

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