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Lovely Luna


United States

Posted Jan 18, 2015

Luna is definitely the "hunter". She's extremely playful and has a high prey drive. She has favorite toys, most of which are something feathered on a string that hangs from a stick...so we think that she'd take a special interest in hunting birds, whereas our other cat, Zeus, prefers mice. She can sometimes become so fixated on a certain toy that it's impossible to distract her from it, even with food. At times we have to hide the toy altogether so she'll go back to normal life, but even then it sometimes takes her a few hours to finally stop looking for it. When we play with her, she gets really intense and will chase her toy in circles (it makes me dizzy to watch her!) or back and forth up onto furniture then back to the floor over and over until she gets tired. She will carry her toy from room to room, and even jump up on our bed with it. She gets our attention and demands to play.... She is a lot of fun! Luna is a very healthy cat - we've experienced no health problems with her so far! She and Zeus love each other and snuggle or groom each other quite often. Luna will also snuggle with you when she wants to. When she wants to cuddle, she's not content to lay next to you - she's determined to lay ON you, either halfway or completely. If my husband and I are sitting or laying next to each other, she insists on finding a way to lay so that she's touching both of us. She can be pretty demanding for attention, which is why I put her at a 4 rather than 5 for "is the perfect cat for me". I prefer a cat that doesn't want quite so much attention but I do love her very much. She prefers my husband and he slightly prefers her vs Zeus, so it works out perfectly. She's a great cat and very entertaining. She can be a little skittish when new people are introduced, but tends to warm up quickly as long as the person has a fairly calm energy and is not too loud.

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