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The Orange Kitten


Ontario, Canada

Posted Jan 18, 2015

I would like to begin by saying that I love this cat with all of my heart. From the first second that I walked into the shady petstore and saw him I knew I had to have him. I would say that I rescued this kitten because the conditions that he was in were terrible (and THANK GOD the petstore was forced to shutdown).

Tobbie was such an adorable and curious kitten. My home and yard are both very large. When I first brought him home he was very shy, but warmed up in a heart beat. Caring for him as a kitten was definitely a lot less work then caring for my dog as a puppy. I guess cats just understand how to use a litter box almost instantly. The first time I introduced it to Tobbie, I picked him up, placed and ran his paws through the litter a couple of times, let him smell the area, and ever since then he knows that that is where he needs to do his business.

As a kitten, he was a lot more playful than he is now. I remember he used to run very fast gathering up speed, jump into the air, land, and slide all the way from one side of the kitchen to the other. I have no idea how he picked this up, but needless to say it was very entertaining. As he aged (he is 3 now) he became less active. He would rather lay by the window and sunbathe instead, but will play with a string, toy mouse, and ball whenever I bring them out.

Tobbie is great with my dog, Nikita (a Siberian Husky) and the two of them are the greatest of pals. Unfortunately, I am living in a different country for the time being, so my mom is taking care of the two of them now while I am away. I miss him and my pup both so much!! But I still enjoy the daily pics and videos that are sent my way. However, nothing compares to being with them and squeezing them and loving them!!

I recommend this kind of cat for anyone looking for a starter pet. They are great to be around, require minimal care, and are super cute little balls of fluff!!

PLEASE visit a shelter or humane society first before going to a breeder. There are lots of pets that are in need of a forever home. You could save their life like I did!!!

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