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Posted Jan 17, 2015

Did you ever have that friend who had a knack for bringing home strays? The kind of person who just knew made their family's mad by bringing home one animal after another. That was my roommate a few years ago.

He brought home Pancake --who at the time was named Ringo -- he had found her in a park.

First of all this cat was a monster, so how they got her home I have no idea, and second of all, we already had five cats.

At any rate he brought her home, and they horded the poor thing in their room for a couple of months before they wound up getting kicked out because of not paying rent. They took everything of theirs --except for the cat. Joy.

Inadvertently I had taken in a beautiful Torbie who hated the world and everything in it.

She was one tough egg to crack, it took a lot of time and work before I discovered that passed all of the claws, sharp teeth, and bad attitude she was a loving creature.

I'd wagered that she had abandonment issues and had been taken from her mother too early. She also seemed to have lost a litter of kittens because any time there was a kitten in the house it became her kitten.

Her name didn't get changed until she'd earned it. One morning I'd made pancakes and there was an extra one on the counter. This little beauty jumped up onto the counter stole that lone pancake and began to eat it.

Cats like pancakes? That was new to me. That was how she got her name.

Because she wasn't an expected addition I didn't have the money to get her fixed so low and behold she got pregnant. Her first batch of kittens came and I kept one, the rest got safe homes.

It was a little over a few months later that she got out of the house when maintenance came and I haven't seen her since. My hope is that somebody found her, but after searching she wasn't found.

I may not have wanted her at first, but I did like having her around after a while. She was loyal to one person and one person only and that was me. Only sometimes did she want the affection of others.

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