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We Loved Our Spongy


United States

Posted Jan 16, 2015

My daughter and I were standing at a bus stop when a man came with a Petco box that we knew housed an animal of some sort. We immediately struck up a conversation and I saw my daughter eyeing the box when the man invited her to look through a hole in the box, there sat Spunky (her name before my husband distorted her name). She was meowing a lot.

The man said that he was on his way to take her to a shelter because they were moving and pets were not allowed. As we talked I felt my compassion take over because we knew that Spongy would most likely be put down. I made the quick decision to take her home. The man was so happy because he knew that Spongy would have a good home with a loving family.

I took her home and she raced under the bed, but had to get back out the door so I can go to work. However, when I got home and got ready for bed Spongy was right there by my feet keeping them warm. We had Spongy for about 15 years. She was an indoor cat and rarely ever ventured out, she was healthy and happy with us.

She was not very good with kids, but when my daughter grew into her teens Spongy was always there with her like a best friend. Our son was still young and the cat was not too fond of him.

I remember my daughter crying a couple years before she died that Spongy would eventually die and to prepare. Well, Spongy had a wonderful life with us and we miss her dearly.

We do have this advice for anyone wanting an adult cat:

-Make sure you let this cat become accustomed to any children who may be around.

-Learn to read your cat's body language so you can avoid any scratches or bites.

-Introduce any other pets to your cat slowly.

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