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Posted Jan 16, 2015

My baby girl is so sweet, I love her. At the same time, she is a serious PITA. I think all animals kind of are though, so you love the good with the bad.

Nilly is a brown tabby and is 4 years old at this point. I am so glad I got her. I was ending college at the time and wanted a cat for a while. I saw a picture of her at a rescue and she was SO beautiful. She still is gorgeous.

I got her alone - instead of getting her with another kitten, which now I wish I had. She was basically alone with me for a year and a half, and I lived almost alone so it was super social at my place. I may have forced my love on her a bit too much :)

She knows when she does something she shouldn't - all I have to do is clap or make a move like I'm getting up and she will stop doing whatever she was doing.

She is food desperate, constantly. When I got her the rescue lady was feeding Nilly baby food because she was so picky. That didn't help. She still now cries for food, bleh.

When I first got her she cuddled slightly, slept on my chest. That really didn't last long though, from what I can recall. She doesn't cuddle at all now. But sometimes she sleeps on my pillow or on the bed which is sweet.

A year and a half in of having her I moved in with other people who also had two new kitties. So suddenly my baby had a bro and sis. She FREAKED at first. Hid and shook and her tail was fluffy. But now it's been 2 and a half years and she does fine. She's not great at playing with them, but she will. She is still pretty timid sometimes. And lately she's been waiting until everyone's in their room about to sleep and all the lights are out and she cries like she's dying downstairs. It's the strangest thing. Sometimes I'll see her starring at a toy at her feet. She never did this before.

But I love her. She is sweet, she is my first baby, and I'm glad I have her. Cats rock.

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